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Gee.... [17 Sep 2003|03:40pm]
[ mood | calm ]

....What a day. I didn't put anything down for my second fight like I said I would because it was way too easy. I mean, the guy knocked his own self out. Anyway, its time to talk about my four victories.

Fight 1:
This guy decided he wanted to use throwing knives against me, I of course, choosing no weapon. So he threw them at me one by one as I dodged all of them. Realizing his weapons were of no use, he charged me.

....Big mistake. As soon as he was close enough, I stuck out my leg, tripped him up, and while he was flying through the air, I grabbed him by his head and slammed it into the ground, knocking him out, and, as I later found out, hospitalized him.

Fight 2:
This guy was fast, and I don't mean normal fast, I mean Speedy Gonzales fast. To top it off, he picked a knife as his weapon, so when he ran past me, he kept slashing my body with his stupid knife. I decided I'd had enough. I let him slash me some more, and when I saw the correct moment, I grabbed his wrist and moved his hand into his chest, sinking the knife deeply in.

....He might've died, but I was so cut up, I really didn't care.

Fight 3:
The nice Australians decided to let me get a 5 minute break so my wounds could be dressed by Hillary, and I was back in the arena, ready for another fight. Rumor was that this guy was very strong, and of course, I thought otherwise. Well, it turns out, he likes breaking bones, so guess what happened to me? WHAM! Broke my left arm.

Now this bastard was really asking for it. I was trying to be nice and NOT kill him instantly, and what does he do? Breaks my arm. So I lost my temper for just a second, and guess what I broke?

....His neck.

Fight 4:
All right, final fight of the day. Since I didn't bring any Senzu beans I had to do this fight with a broken arm and bandages that were soaked red with my blood. But I'm not complaining. Anyway, this guy was finally my height, and just as ugly as the rest of my opponents. So this guy must be stupid because his weapon of choice is a chain.

....What was this, the 80s? Well, he came running towards me swinging his chain and yelling like a fool. Wow, he really was living in the 80s. He wrapped the chain around my good arm, and seeing how I only had one arm to work with, I yanked real hard and brought him to me, and when he was close enough, I gave him a hard clothesline, and knocked him out.

So thats all, tommorrow will be the final day. So far Hillary has managed to win her fights as well, so hopefully I'll be able to face her in the final fight that I'm sure to get to.

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Day One.... [15 Sep 2003|04:55pm]
[ mood | calm ]

....Of the tournament was today, and I'm updating this because I still have time till my next fight. I have only had one fight so far, but soon I will do my next one, but tommorrow will find me in 4 fights in one day, which is no problem for me. Anyway, about my first fight against the real big guy.

He was at least six and a half feet tall, and had rippling muscles all over his body, but boy, was he ugly. The only thing that bothered me was the fact that he was so damn ugly. Anyway, he stood across from me, staring menacingly, when the ref walked in between us to lay out the rules.

....All he did was ask our choice of weapons, boy thats a lot of rules! **rolls eyes** He picked a an axe which was by the way, half his size. I, on the other hand, picked nothing, which of course caused the whole place to roar with laughter.

....I ignored it. The ref stepped out of the way, and with no warning, the man comes charging at me, and when he reached me, he swung his huge axe towards my head. Now, whatever am I supposed to do? HA! The thing was so heavy and he was so slow, I had plenty of time to dodge it. As soon as his axe slammed into the ground I delivered a swift kick to his ass and sent him flying out of the "ring".

Now, of course any normal person would've thought that was it, but it turns out there are no ringouts, just KOs or death. Getting up and ditching his axe, he came charging towards me like a damned fool. When he reached me, he swung his big fat leg at me and connected with my side. When it connected with me, I took the blow and held on to his leg, and with no real effort, broke it.

After that I let him go, and he hit the ground and did the most amazing thing I had ever seen a man his size do....

....He cried. Thats right! This huge tower of an Australian was crying, so I just walked over to him and gave him a knee to his face knocking him out. Thats when I noticed the crowd was silent. Seems that they never expected me to even touch him, much less break his leg and knock him out.

Suddenly someone started clapping, and I turned to see Hillary with a wide smile on her face. I don't know if she was happy I was safe, or if it was because she was hoping to face me. Once she started clapping, everyone quickly followed suit.

And now here I am getting ready for my next fight. Its starting pretty soon now, so I'm gonna get ready for it. I'll tell you guys all about it tommorrow.

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Heh.... [14 Sep 2003|06:52pm]
[ mood | calm ]

....Been training for the Tournament which starts tommorrow. I've been matched up with some big guy, but he looks easy enough. Of course Hillary isn't sure if I'll win, but she just doesn't know me that well. Poor thing expects me to be smashed by this guy....

....Hmph, I doubt he could even faze me.

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This should be easy.... [09 Sep 2003|12:23pm]
[ mood | content ]

Well, still no sign of the Megalodon, but something interesting has come up. The Australian Underground Tournament is starting next Monday and somehow Hillary convinced me to sign up. Of course it wasn't that difficult for her to convince me since fighting is in my blood. There are gonna be a lot of people in that Tournament from what Hillary told me.

Its gonna go on till Thursday night, and she seemed pretty confident in her ability to win again this year and I told myself that I can't wait to face her, she must be pretty good if she won two years in a row.

It'll be a good victory for me.

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[04 Sep 2003|03:16pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

I got a job working at the fishing docks where it happened. After I secured my job there, I went and got an Australian newspaper that was closest to where I work. After finding it, I looked through it till I found the place where you look for people renting a room. I looked through the whole thing till I found the house that was closest, since I figured it would be a little weird for these guys to see someone flying.

When I reached the house, I went ahead and quickly surveyed it. The whole house was a very faded grey, like it hadn't been painted in years. A couple of the shutters were barely on their hinges, and their porch was missing a couple of steps. The only part of the house that looked the best was a window in the far left corner of the house. That shutter was black and had black curtains closed tightly as though to stop the sun from shining in.

I went ahead and walked up to the door and knocked twice. The door opened to an elderly couple that seemed to be in their late 50s staring at me like they'd never seen a person before. I noticed the old lady was staring at my muscles and when the old man spoke up, he sounded just a little jealous....

....Oh yeah, I didn't mention he had a shotgun in his hand, did I?

"What do you want?" he asked. I showed him their ad, and told them I was interested in renting their room. The old man lowered down his gun, and the old couple beckoned me inside. When I walked through the door, I arched my eyebrow in slight surprise. If you saw the inside of their house, you wouldn't think the outside would be so crappy looking.

I followed them into what I guessed to be the living room, and boy, was it big. They both sat down on a couch and the old man asked me a few questions:

"Are you attracted to older, more mature women?"
"Are you someone we can depend on to actually pay the rent and take care of this house whenever we may be gone?"
"Yes". His last question was a little odd to me at the time, and here it is:
"What do you think of those younguns that listen to Rock?"
....Um, I like rock myself, so they aren't a problem for me, why?"

They just looked at each other and hollered, "Hillary!" I asked them, "Who is Hillary?"

And the old woman said, "Our granddaughter. Her parents died when she was....six, I think."

Thats when she walked into the room, and her grandma must've meant six as a past tense, because this girl was at least 18, with long black hair that reached right beneath her shoulder, and it was streaked red. She had on a Metallica shirt with no sleeves, a pair of black pants, and even black shoes. I figured her favorite color is black. ;)

She was pale skinned with black lipstick on, and she looked absolutely gorgeous. Anyway, she walked in and sat next to her grandparents and they explained to her that I wanted to rent the room, and that they didn't care if I did, but they wanted to know what she thought. I was still standing so she looked me up and down, and told me to turn around, so I did.

She asked me if I was a fighter, and I nodded. She smiled slightly and told her grandparents she didn't care if I stayed. Her grandparents looked absolutely thrilled. Hillary stood up and told me to follow her, so I did. We reached a hallway that had two doors in it, one had music blaring from it, so I figured that was her room, and the other one didn't, so I figured that was my room.

She pointed to the door with no noise coming out of it and told me that it was mine. I opened the door and looked around the room as I put my stuff down. It was small, but big enough for me. It was empty except for a matress on the floor, and some posters on the wall. When I turned to her and asked whose those were, she told me they belonged to the last person who stayed here.

When she noticed my expression, she just shrugged and said he died in an underground Australian tournament last year. I asked her,"Who killed him?"

She smiled and simply said, "Me". I looked at her arms and noticed for the first time that they were pretty muscular for a girl her size. We went to her room and she told me about how shes been the Champion of the underground Australian tournament for the past couple of years. She told me anything goes in those fights and she also told me that shes feared and respected by most people.

Then she started asking me personal questions about whether or not I had any friends, and I told her I did. She also asked me if I had anyone waiting for me back home, and I told her no. She seemed to perk up just a tiny bit after hearing this. I went ahead and asked her if she had anyone and she told me shes never gone out with anyone because the guys are all too afraid of her. She told me she has a couple of close friends and that was about it.

She asked me why I'm here in this dinky little town, and when I told her, she merely chuckled and told me good luck. I turned to her clock she had in her room and turned to her and told her I needed to go to work. She just nodded and said "Ok, see you later".

I said the same thing back to her and headed on over to the dock for my first day of work.

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A Safe Trip [31 Aug 2003|04:22pm]
[ mood | calm ]

I easily made it to my destination with no trouble. I'm at Australia because I read about this one sighting a long time ago, so tommorrow I'm going to go to where the sighting took place and start from there. I was thinking of signing on as a fisherman for the area where it happened, so that way it won't look like I'm "snooping".

They shouldn't have any reason for telling a guy my size no, and if they have any doubts about my strength, I have no problem showing them a little bit of it.

....I currently have no place to live since all the hotels I've come across have absurdly high costs, so I'm still looking for a cheap one that doesn't overcharge....

I'm pretty sure I'll find one soon.... :)

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One More Day.... [29 Aug 2003|03:59pm]
[ mood | calm ]

And I'll be leaving for my trip to increase my underwater experience. I went ahead and put all my stuff that I didn't need or want in one of those storage things. It didn't take very long, it wasn't a whole lot.

After that I went to Gokou's to spar with him, which I will of course miss, because I've always preferred training with another person instead of myself....

But bein alone to train is just as good....Anyway, we eventually got hungry, but I guess thats not a surprise, right guys? ;) Gokou asked me what I wanted, but I already knew what I wanted before he asked.

I told him any home cooked meal. I hadn't had one of those in a long time. So we went ahead and waited in the living room while Chi Chi made us somethin to eat.I watched him as he played with Grace to pass the time, and shes gotten big since the last time I saw her.

When Grace wasn't giggling with her daddy, she was lookin at me, but thats probably because I look like two people she knows....Hmmmm, I wonder who that could be? Me and Gokou were just talking bout simple things while he played with Grace. He asked me a few questions about my trip and I answered them as best as I could.

I told him what it is I'm going to be looking for first....

....The Megalodon. I'm sure all of you remember me talking about that thing, right? Its the really big shark that might be extinct. Of course I also told him about some other fish I'll look at as I look for the Megalodon. I guess he could tell how serious I was about finding it, so he went ahead and warned me to be careful, and I told him not to worry.

After that the food was ready and so we all ate, and it was absolutely great, I can't wait to have a wife to make me some food too. After we ate I thanked Chi Chi for the great meal, said bye to Grace, and walked outside with Gokou. We talked about a couple of more things and he told me that if I want to train with him or anyone while I'm away, to just let him know, and he'll IT to me as soon as possible to get me.

I thanked him for his offer and after saying goodbye, I went ahead and flew away....

....Thanks again Gokou for the sparring, its always good to have a nice workout with a friend.

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Its time.... [28 Aug 2003|12:36am]
[ mood | calm ]

For my trip. I'm leaving Saturday to go around the world and look for different underwater creatures, and I have no idea when I'll be back. I went ahead and took a leave of absence from both my jobs. My boss from the warehouse understood, but the other one didn't. He basically told me if I was leaving to never come back.

....His company's loss. Anyway, I have enough money to make it for awhile, but I doubt I'll be using many hotels, it'll use up too much of my money. Of course I'm taking this thing with me so I can give you guys updates on how I'm doing.

So since I'll be gone for awhile, if any of you guys wanna get in some last second training with me before I leave Saturday, just let me know and come on by.

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School.... [25 Aug 2003|10:40pm]
[ mood | busy ]

I never could understand the need for it. You can learn just as much, if not more about the world without school. **shrugs** Oh well, guess I'll never understand....*g*

....I have, of course been busy, but I don't mind since I'm making some good money. I was kind of thinking of cutting back on some of my warehouse hours though, because its interfering with my training, and only one thing comes before that....

....Eating. So I'll most likely cut my warehouse hours back, because I need my training, you never what might happen....

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"The Deadliest Fish In The World" [20 Aug 2003|06:50pm]
[ mood | thoughtful ]

I got off of work not too long ago, so I decided to study and update before I go to my next job. I was really just reading about nothing but boring ol Clown fish when I came across something called a Stonefish, aka, "The Deadliest Fish In The World". It lies on the seabed looking just like a rock and waits for small fish to pass by and when they do, they're pretty much screwed.

It moves at the speed of 0.015 seconds, which is pretty fast. Its not really a big threat to use unless we step on it or it gets caught. They grow to about 15 inches long and are covered with 13 spines on their body for defensive purposes. So it doesn't go around trying to find people to kill, so you should be safe.

But the symptoms are "Hours of excruciating pain, temporary paralysis, swelling, shock, and even death." The severity of the symptoms depends on how deep the puncture is, if you ever go swimming, make sure to tread lightly. And shoes don't help all that much, since they can puncture shoes. If the punture isn't that bad then you can immerse it in hot water and that should be good enough.

But if it is bad, you need the antvenin and an intravenous narcotic analgesia for the pain.

I also read about some Great Whites but they're nothing compared to the Megalodon, I can't wait to come across that.

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Well.... [17 Aug 2003|04:33pm]
[ mood | calm ]

It turns out every Sunday is going to be my day off. Since I had nothing to do, and since the MALL;) is really not my thing, I decided I'd go see a movie, so I went to go see Freddy VS. Jason.

....It wasn't that bad, I left the theater today feeling quite cheerful. I liked the way a lot of the humans died in it. And when Freddy and Jason clashed with each other, they didn't disappoint. But I should stop before I spoil it for you guys.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have some studying to do. **sigh**

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[14 Aug 2003|10:16pm]
[ mood | calm ]

Well, I have two jobs now, one in the morning, and one at night. My boss at the warehouse went ahead and gave me tonight off, I was pretty resistant at first, but I went ahead and just listened and took tonight off. I'm going to use this extra time to study and train until I have to go to my job of construction.

Having these two jobs at once isn't that bad. Its really good at passing by the time. It cuts back on my studying, but I can always get to that later when I have enough money.

....Hm, its time for dinner and training.

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Gee.... [11 Aug 2003|06:48pm]
[ mood | busy ]

I can't believe I actually have time to update this thing. Between work,training,and studying, I haven't really had much time for anything else. Actually I have to go to work pretty soon, this house doesn't pay the bills by itself, y'know? I'm gonna ask my boss if I can get the night shift, because I'm going to get me a day job, so that way I'll have more money.

I was thinkin along the line of construction in the morning/afternoon, and the warehouse at night.

Sounds like a plan to me....

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Learning.... [05 Aug 2003|12:18am]
[ mood | pleased ]

I feel pretty good tonight. These past few days have been train, learn, and work....I work whenever I can so I can have enough money for my eventual trip. When I told my boss about my idea, he seemed quite enthusiastic about it....

What a great human.

I've been training underwater as much as I can too, but so far nothing eventful has really happened, but I can tell you how much I'm learning....

I've been finding out all kinds of things about the different kinds of inhabitants in the water. There are loads of different kinds of snakes, fish, and squid. I've been heard a few things about those giant squids, and I gotta say it sounds....Interesting.

I want to check out some Great White sharks, but I read that they can be hostile, so I think, for their sake, I'll avoid them. Seems these guys can grow mighty big, but one of the biggest of these guys are called Megalodons, which range from 40-50 Ft., and weigh around 20 tons, with teeth about 6 inches long and weighing at least 12oz.

Supposedly they're extinct, but some say they still exist....

....I hope thats true....

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Rain.... [30 Jul 2003|02:15am]
[ mood | content ]

Its everywhere right now. I just got out of it, actually. I'm soaking wet as we speak. I'm sure you're wondering exactly why I would be out in the rain, and to tell you the truth, I really don't know. I noticed it was raining, and decided to go outside into it....

It felt good, and was a nice change from the humidity I've been experiencing, especially at the warehouse. We have a ton of fans, but on some days they really don't seem to work, y'know? I think I also went out there due to lack of sleep and nothing else to do.

I'm hungry, so I'm going to head off to a store for some frozen pizzas....

See you later guys....

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.... [27 Jul 2003|08:17pm]
[ mood | excited ]

Ah, home....I just got back from the library, can you believe they won't let you take as many books as you want?

Those stingy bastards....

Anyway, I've got an update on how much I've learned. It seems that most of the big creatures of the sea are supposedly fake, so you could imagine my disappointment....So I decided to only look at the ones that have been proven to exist, and then see if I can't find these "false" ones myself....

Of course when I find them, I'll most definitely try my best not to hurt them. But I've learned quite a few things about the smaller fish too. They have a lot of different shapes to them. It seems the majority of these creatures are quite unknown though, so I'll have to find out how aggressive they are....

Which means tons of traveling! There are different varities all over the world, so I need to prepare for that too, and you know what that means....

Thats right, road trip! I haven't quite decided if I should go on this road trip quite yet, I think I'll wait and get some more money first....But after I have enough and learn enough, I will go and explore the different places.

Now, before I head off to work, I was wondering....

Anyone up for the trip when the time comes????????????

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Congratulations on winning the Tournament Jewel.... [25 Jul 2003|11:10pm]
[ mood | thoughtful ]

I saw your match with Piper today, and I would just like to say good job to both of you....

Anyway, today I got me some breakfast at this nice little place I saw, but the name was too hard to pronounce, much less spell. I came across my boss, who congratulated me on making it so far and totally exaggerated my performances.

I told you he’s a cool boss, didn't I? *g* ....Anyway, back to more important things....

Like the breakfast I had. That place had some pretty good food, and you can believe they made a lot of money that day. Too bad they had to pick such a hard name to remember, because I forgot it already. But as I was walking around in between matches, an idea struck me: Teaching underwater training to whoever wants it.

I could start as soon as I master the subject of course. As soon as I get back home, I'm going to the closest library and reading up on the different underwater creatures, even the ones that are supposedly "hoaxes". I'm going to find the real tough looking ones and study them so I can learn how they act and react. (And the weak ones….of course….)

Sounds like a good idea, doesn't it? As soon as I'm done doing all of that and my mastery is complete, I'm going to put posters and ads for it all over the place. I'll also give demonstrations to any parents that are skeptical....

Damn, I'm a genius!

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Two legends in one day=Defeat Pt.2 [24 Jul 2003|03:49pm]
[ mood | sore ]

I would've added my fight with Goku in the last update, but I felt that this fight needed to be in an update all its own....

When they called mine and Goku's name, the crowd went nuts. Apparently Goku has a lot of fans. I could tell by the look on his face that he was all business, and thats good, because so was I. However, I was feeling a little guilty for how I handled Gohan, but I did my best not to show it.

Goku was already in the ring, and as soon as my second foot touched that ring, he raced towards me, grabbed my arm, and flipped me right on my back, and I landed hard on the ring.(What a way to help someone in the ring, dontcha think?) Anyway, when I hit the ground, the heel of his boot immediately came crashing down towards my face.

I rolled out of the way just in time and faked a leg sweep, and when he expectantly jumped, I hopped up, grabbed him, and returned his hospitable flip with a slam into the ring floor. He was right back up though, and we continued our fight. Lefts and rights of all kind were in this fight, some connecting, and some blocked by either one of us.

But something went wrong. A punch to my face from Goku sent me reeling, but the problem was that it took more out of me than I thought. I stopped reeling and came back at him with a knee to his chest, that seemed to hurt him, but not as much as it should've. The next thing I know hes punching the hell out of me, and I could hardly fight back.

Suddenly, an uppercut out of nowhere, and I'm on my back. As the announcer counted to 1, I realized I was getting weaker, but I couldn't figure out why. When he reached 2 I figured it out: Goku had breakfast, I had nothing. I jumped up before the announcer could reach 3, and concentrated on regaining some of my lost energy.

Goku was just standing there as I powered up a little in order to regain some strength, and as soon as I had enough, I flew towards him. He noticed my movement and raced towards me too. When we reached each other, we both pulled back, let out two mighty HA!s and hit each other as hard as we could in the gut. Our eyes both popped open with the pain of such a connection.

Me and Goku both dropped to our knees, panting. Goku seemed to be alright, but I could feel my strength leaving me at a fast pace. The world was getting dark, and the last thing I felt before I passed out, was the cold hard floor of the ring....

I woke up a few minutes later, stomach growling. I looked around and saw that I was alone, so I got up and walked out of the room I was in, so I could go join the crowd, as one of them, as....an observer.

P.S.-Thank you for a great fight Goku.

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Two legends in one day=Defeat.... [24 Jul 2003|03:25pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Hey guys, the crowd sure was loud today huh? When I heard I was going against Brolli, I decided to skip out on eating breakfast or lunch, which later on, proved to be a big mistake. Having been paired up with Brolli in morning trainings was one of the main reasons I was able to keep my cool.

But I decided that since I wasn't going to eat, that I needed to be careful about how much energy I used, don't want to drain myself, right? Well, anyway, when it was time for my match with Brolli, I walked to the ring. The stadium was absolutely packed! I had never seen a stadium so full of people before.

I quickly shook that thought out of my mind, because the last thing you want to do with anyone is have your thoughts go to everything but the guy in front of you. So with that, I turned and faced Brolli. He gave me a slight nod as though asking, "Are you ready?" And I answered back with my own nod:"Whenever you are!"

As soon as I nodded, he dashed at me at a terribly high speed and gave me a kick to my sides. He must've been training, because it hurt like crazy....But I sucked it up and grabbed his leg as soon as it had connected with me. Holding tightly to his leg, I started to spin him, around and around, faster, and faster, and when I felt that I had gathered enough speed, I flung him towards the edge of the ring. He was getting awfully close to the end of the ring, and right when he reached the edge....

He stopped, tiptoes on the very edge, swaying slightly from the spin. I saw my chance and took it. I ran up to him, gave him the slightest touch on the shoulder, and watched as he fell out of the ring....

As they were announcing me the victor, I helped up Brolli to see if he was ok, and he was just fine. He told me I had done a nice job, but he also pointed to the board and told me to look at who was next for me to go against....

It was Goku.

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Victory in the qualifying round....Heh, no surprise.... [23 Jul 2003|01:05pm]
[ mood | content ]

Of course I most likely wouldn't have won if Goku hadn't given me a senzu bean.(Thanks again, Goku.) After eating that thing I felt pretty good. I really didn't talk to anyone else on my way to the Qualification round, I felt that they would just distract me.

I had already arrived before everyone else did, hoping that Gohan would decide to make an early arrival, but he didn't. Since he wasn't there yet, I decided to have a seat and think of some strategy to use against him....I must've been thinking too hard though because I suddenly felt someone tapping me on my shoulder.

I looked up and saw Gohan looking down at me, frowning slightly...."What are you thinking about Vegeto?" he asked. "Nothing", I muttered. "You ready yet?" I demanded impatiently. He looked slightly taken aback by my tone, but he just simply nodded and told me good luck.

I responded to his wish of good luck with my back and walked into the ring, arms at my sides, swinging slightly. I didn't mean any disrespect to you Gohan, its just that I wasn't in a talkative mood, thats all. Anyway, once I was in the ring on "my" side, I turned to face Gohan....

Just in time to see him dashing towards me, fist raised to strike me down. He caught me off guard, so the only thing I could really do for right now was go on the defensive, which I did. I side-stepped him when he swung, but he was expecting it, and as soon as I dodged him, he followed it up with a kick that surely would've knocked me out....

Had I not blocked it. I swung at him and he blocked. For a few seconds thats all it was, kicks, knees, elbows, punches, all blocked by me or him. But he suddenly caught me off my guard with a sweep out of nowhere and I landed on my back. As soon as my back hit the ground, I was right back up, but Gohan had already gone back to the other side of the ring, and I noticed a cocky little smile was on his face.

The only thing I wanted to do right then was to wipe that silly grin off of his face, but I told myself to be calm and not rush into an attack, because thats what he expects. I realized it was time to put my strategy into action. I raised up my hand and beckoned him to come to me, and he did....Slowly.

He was calmly walking up to me with that same little grin on his face. He was taunting me! You would think he'd be cautious, but I could tell that he thought he was going to win, and all he did was sweep me! He stopped an inch from my face, and I could see in his eyes that he was expecting a sweep or a knee of some kind, so I did the opposite.

I gave him a headbutt.

It must've been hard enough, because he stumbled back a couple of steps, and I was suddenly on the offensive. Since he wasn't that far away I just took a couple of steps and WHAM! he slammed his fist in my gut. This totally took me by surprise, he tricked me, and boy can he hit hard! It hurt, but I sucked up the pain and delivered an elbow to his face, followed immediately by another elbow to his face.

He actually stumbled for real this time, and right when he regained his bearings, I appeared behind him and kicked him in the back of his leg, bringing him to a knee. It must've hurt too, because he had a pained look on his face, and I had a vague hope that I didn't break anything, even though I was also thinking that should teach him not to be so cocky.

I stepped back a couple of steps and watched him. The poor guy was trying to get up, but he couldn't. Sensing defeat, he looked at me as though ready for any attack I might have. I went ahead and backed up till I reached the other side of the ring, and, running as fast as I could, I ran up to him and kicked him right in the face, knocking him out cold.

While it was going around that I won the Qualifying round, I carried Gohan out of the ring so his dad could give him a senzu bean. After I "delivered" him to Goku, I decided to walk around and watch some of the other fights. Hmph, nothing I can't handle....

I was slighlty curious about the Junior Division, so I went ahead and watched that. By the way, congratulations on your victory Mikomi, you did a good job....

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